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We will find what you need to optimize your Málaga experience!

With our offices in the heart of the PTA Tech Park in Málaga, BlancaReal is the real estate leader for foreign companies and private investors in this Southern part of Spain.


We offer our clients tailor-made, smart and complete solutions using our unique real estate network, state-of-the art offices and premium services. We work with professional associates of the highest caliber with diverse backgrounds including architects, tax specialists, lawyers, PR, technical engineers and business investors. Additionally, we have 7 staff members to accommodate and coordinate our client needs in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and more languages. Servicing all areas, we welcome all to Málaga!


The key to optimize your real estate experience in acquiring your new home or investment Property is choosing BlancaReal as your househunting company. We can offer luxury, residential and commercial real estate, providing you with solutions for all the aspects of a real estate transaction in Spain with quality and care. Furthermore, BlancaReal offers a unique relocation-softlanding package to foreign companies, their employees and their families to settle their business in Málaga and allow them to enjoy working and living under the Sun.

On top of all that, BlancaReal provides you with in-house legal & tax departments, interior design services and much more. Finally, we offer our clients a unique 24/7 concierge service, available upon request. Our knowledge and the experience of the international market are the key factors to find the right product for you, whether as business or private investor.


At BlancaReal we are a team of professionals committed to excel in servicing our clients and our community!

Picture : Ron Askew-Reeves